Feb 27, 2024

Pit Latrine Emptying Technology Review: The Gulper1

The technical brief, developed by OPERO Services and CAWST, provides an in-depth overview of the Gulper, a manually-operated pump designed for emptying wet or partially wet pit latrines. It details the technology's theory of operation, including its hand-pumping mechanism and sludge removal process. The brief evaluates the Gulper's technical performance, financial aspects, safety and hygiene considerations, market readiness, and necessary add-ons. It highlights key points such as pit access, depth limitations, sludge thickness, trash tolerance, operator requirements, maintenance needs, cost, and market availability. Additionally, it offers insights into the Gulper's design variations, prevailing version, and availability of online resources for fabrication. The document includes illustrations, diagrams, and links for further information on the Gulper's specifications and usage.

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